Laravel 5 + Oracle

The primary RDBMS my company uses is Oracle and, as you might know, Laravel doesn’t provide native support to Oracle… Fortunately there’s a nice library that completely solves this problem. In this guide I’ll help you to work with Laravel and Oracle using the yajra/laravel-oci8 amazing library. Installing... [Read More]

Introduzindo o BDD

Esta é uma tradução do artigo “Introducing BDD” de Dan North. História: Este artigo apareceu primeiro na revista Better Software em Março de 2006. Ele foi traduzido para o Japonês por Yukei Wachi, Coreano por HongJoo Lee, Italiano por Arialdo Martini, <a... [Read More]

Logging with PHP and Monolog

In in the article Why should you log? I wrote the logging benefits, what you should log and some key concepts. In this article we will materialize logging implementing it using Monolog and PHP. Monolog is the de facto standard logging library for PHP and comes out of... [Read More]

Why should you log?

Logs have been used for a long time in many areas to record important events. In shipping, logs are kept to help the crew to navigate when GPS, radio or radar fail. Logs are used also in marine inquiries, similar to an airplane black box, registering weather conditions, ports docked... [Read More]

Installing PHP 5 in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

For reasons beyond my restrict comprehension, Canonical removed PHP 5 from the Ubuntu 16.04, leaving only the PHP 7 packages in its repositories. In this post I write how to downgrade to PHP 5.6. First of all, sudo, please :) sudo su Then, remove PHP... [Read More]